• We help industrial enterprises to improve and transform complex business processes and operations with AI technologies;
  • We facilitate the development of new AI methods and accelerate the field of applied AI by promoting an interdisciplinary approach and supporting scientific teams.

    Technology consulting

    We help you take the first step towards implementation
    industrial artificial intelligence in business processes.

    • Conducting strategic sessions and idea generation;
    • We conduct CustDev and help to form business cases based on identified business challenges;
    • We develop a strategy for introducing AI into the company’s business processes;
    • Forming a portfolio of priority AI projects.

    Science-driven research

    Together we create the future of industrial artificial intelligence.

    • Scientific expertise is provided by the leading scientific teams of Russia;
    • We audit existing solutions and approaches to solving business problems;
    • We develop new methods and approaches in the field of AI;
    • We make communication between contractors and universities convenient and understandable.

    Product development

    Upon request, we provide our industrial partners
    managerial competencies.
    Upon request, we provide our industrial partners
    managerial competencies.

    • We implement turnkey projects using industrial artificial intelligence technologies: from idea to replication;
    • We provide a full cycle of project management: quality control, deadlines, budget;
    • We audit solutions developed by other contractors (metrics, approaches, solution quality, etc.);
    • We provide expert support in the development of the contractor’s projects.

    Competence development and education

    Together we figure out how to evaluate business effects
    from the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies.

    • We conduct training seminars on the possibilities of applying AI technologies together with leading experts from technology and business;
    • We help to introduce regulations and standards of project management into the customer’s processes;
    • We share experience and improve the customer’s product competencies;
    • Drive the scientific community.

    AI papers

    AI projects

    AI ScDs & PhDs

    Science & technology

    We use AI technologies to solve complex, knowledge-intensive business problems


    We develop partners’ and contractors’ skills and competencies by collaborating on practical tasks


    We provide access to a community of leading technological universities with unique skills and competencies, and cutting-edge expertise